CU Boulder's Research-to-Market - That's a Wrap!

October 08, 2021

AmplifiedSpace recently participated in Research-to-Market (R2M) with Venture Partners at CU Boulder. R2M enabled AmplifiedSpace to continue building relationships within our closest physical university as well as with potential outside partners, and learn more about business. R2M is a 3-1/2 week I-Corp course that focuses on customer discovery and finding product-market fit for early stage companies.

Highlights of the program include continuing to develop our Business Model Canvas, Ecosystem Maps, Partnerships, Metrics that Matter, and learning new techniques to interview people which helps us learn about industry pain-points. During this program we successfully met with sixteen different companies and universities; performing twenty different interviews, and we expect that number to grow as we continue talking with folks in follow-on interviews. In total, we have meet with more than thirty people and have learned a great deal about how our technology maps into the marketspace, and are excited about these developments.

We are very thankful for the people that have made this opportunity possible! We are also cheering on the other companies in the cohort that are also working on commercializing technology that has come out of CU.

If you'd like to learn more about AmplifiedSpace about our disruptive power system technology, please feel free to reach out via our contacts page or LinkedIn and we will get back with you! We are always willing to meet with companies, universities, students, reporters, and other potential partners.

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