AmplifiedSpace at SmallSat

August 06, 2021

AmplifiedSpace is happy to announce that our Poster entitled “Exploring the DET vs MPPT Trade for CubeSat to ESPA Sized Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft” is being presented this week at SmallSat Conference, the largest conference on small satellites in the world.

As most spacecraft power experts know, there is a never-ending debate about which topology to use for any given spacecraft. As we explored the published literature, we found that little information is presented incorporating orbital dynamics and the availability of power based on altitude, inclination, and pointing vector. Each of these variables has major impacts on mission planning, and may drive the selection of the topologies that must be used. This is true, particularly in small satellites, as these little spacecraft continue to achieve functionality meeting or exceeding that of their larger brethren.

If you read this poster, we would highly value your feedback. We do plan to release a full whitepaper on the topic in the coming months and your feedback can help shape the final report.

We would also like to thank our partner on this paper, Aaron Aboaf at the Space Dynamics Laboratory. We have learned a tremendous amount from your expertise, and we look forward to the continued partnership as we advance the body-of-knowledge with this research. We could not have done this work without you.

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